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Cybersecurity & Protection

Internet Communication Services - Managed Security Services

The internet: connecting you to the world...and the world to you...

With limitless opportunities, the Internet has connected and shaped our world in ways few could have envisioned.

Our Services

We are an IT firm with the know how to keep your organization secure and worry free

Our Services

Security Posture

Applying our strengths in cybersecurity helps shape and drive key initiatives to secure infrastructures, development lifecycle and mitigate risk.

Managed IT Services

Our focus on managed security services:

- Vulnerability Scanning

- Penetration Testing

- Firewall Management

- Additional Services

Compliance Readiness

ICS can prepare your business with documentation requirements and company resources to complete an audit. 

Human Security

90% of security breaches are caused by human error. Carelessness or an unsuspecting staff are taken advantage of.



We'll stop a malicious, phishing or spam email before it gets to your inbox.

Support Consulting

We support in implementing standards & processes as well as reduce operational risks through our detailed risk assessments 


91% of all cyber attacks begin with a phishing email


Ready to find out more?

Find out the true value of your enterprise server, email server and cloud.  We can assess your network and find the vulnerabilities to remediate and protect.

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